jewelry + inspiration at the cellular level
Maria Mamkaeva is a designer of jewelry, member of russian and international exhibitions, prizewinner of international competitions in the field of jewelry design.
Maria Mamkaeva
Artist, jeweler, member of the Creative Union of Artists (IFA) section "Painting", a member of the Union of Artists of Russia section "DPI"
Maria's works are in private collections (Russia, USA, Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, China) and museum collections (including the Hermitage).
Synthesis of science and art marked the beginning of the Maria's conceptual projects.
Maria Mamkaeva is a famous Petersburg jeweler.Her spectacular and highly non-standard works are not only from private collectors, but also in the Hermitage fund. A modern artist and designer, inspired by Miro and Rothko, but probably hides that secretly worships Gaudi. After all, he too was, in his own way, a "microbiologist."

At one time, she had a collection devoted to the process of cell division and cytology, a series of products inspired by the amazing form of microfungi ... But there are more traditional sources - say, the work of great masters or human relationships.
Creating Natural Looking
Inspiration at the cellular
Maria Mamkaeva, a hereditary microbiologist, grandparents was engaged in microbiology, and parents devoted themselves to medicine. Maria has long taught at the university and is now engaged in science as much as possible.
The basis of this collection is the simplest microorganisms, evolution ...
"It seems to me that an artist is not a profession, but a way of life. And I feel myself what those Englishmen call the all-encompassing word artist, that is, the artist in the broadest sense of the word, the person who is always on the lookout "
As a memento
Old things... Coins, shells, pebbles from the most magical and memorable trips, magic keys that open hearts. Thimbles and glass, any things from the casket. This entire collection is an ongoing work on tuning keys from the heart. A new life for old things that hold memories. Of course, each item from this collection exists in a single copy.
Labyrinths as a kind of laboratory perfection of the spirit
The most of us do not imagine today that each person (or almost everyone) can train their bodies to feel where the north and south are, just as a magnetized compass needle feels. And before it was like this! On the coast, labyrinths were built to train young sailors. An obligatory condition for these trainings was the closed eyes of the trainees.

All products are a framework, a base, a wide labyrinth of possibilities for improving oneself. What kind of person are you? This and the stone will be in the center of the labyrinth.

Each item of the collection is modified for the character of the owner, who wants to receive it (stone, fastening, metal working)
For example. Painting. "...Inside" or "The Walls can Hear "
Can the walls hear? They can ... they can hear, and they have memory. And everything they heard - they remember. Starting from rock art and ending with external discs, humanity is trying hard to remember.
Going to the old entrances to some of the walls you want to touch, hold the surface with your hand ... While others do not even want to look. Sometimes we see layers of paint, there can be many, and each of them can store the memory of the micro-epoch.

Below are several works by Masha Mamkayeva and photographs of the exhibition opening at the State Museum "Tsarskoselskaya Collection"